Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Our mentors and teachers

Tonight has been one of those nights where without even consciously thinking about it, I have written my two favorite professors MTH and E.

As an educator myself, I know how important it is to hear back from my students or mentees. Everytime I am asked for a reference, I glow. This is why we do the work we do, so that the next generation can continue on the path to creating a more just and equitable world.

Sometimes it is hard to keep up and get back in touch with our former mentors and profs. However, I urge you to try. They really appreciate it. I know this personally and I know this from my sustained relationships with MTH and E.

Thank you M and E. Thank you to all that have crossed my path and thus influenced me. I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for you.


bluegrrrrl said...

Nice...I think teachers have the power to influence their students in major ways...not that I'm biased or anything! =)

I recently ran into my 9th grade journalism teacher; had always wanted to contact her & tell her how important she was to me, so it was amazing to have the opportunity. I was surprised that she actually remembered me...not only that, but she remembered exactly where I sat in the class! And that was a very long time ago...

margaret said...

That's great that you ran into your teacher, bluegrrrl. Her remembering you is a reminder that the teacher/student bond goes both ways.

E. told me that she doesn't hear from some of her students after they leave. I know that she has appreciated my keeping in touch.

It's important for teachers to know that the work continues on and that they have made an impact. I know that I appreciate it.

One of my former students is now applying to a Social Work program and asked for a reference. It made my week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these kind words dear Margaret. It is great to have this sense of connection between people like you who stay in touch but who also do the kind of work I can admire and respect. That's what makes life worthwhile. Hope you have a great week-end! Thinking of you two!

margaret said...

Dearest E.,
Yes, I had a good weekend. I don't think I ever thought that this would happen to me. I would just immerse myself in work and sociopolitical issues. An escape in part but certainly not entirely. Even though there were definitely feelings over Christmas. Suppressed as usual. Perhaps you did not even realize...
And I will continue to encourage others to tell their mentors how they feel. We all need to do more of it.