Thursday, April 05, 2007


I'm off for a less than 1 hour flight time trip tomorrow to visit the person that means the world to me hopefully forever (my lifetime at least).

And I am packing, which at this point in time instills many emotions, many of which are political and reactionary.
I can take how much? Up to a one quart zip-lop bag full of liquids? And now I am weighing whether to take my facial moisturizer or my deodorant.
Yes, I have previously lived with none of these Western amenities of futility. I know that others do, every day.
Darfur, Guatemala, NYC, Puyalup, ...
I remember when this current scare tactic started. I was at a conference in Oregon. We went with toiletries but returned with fewer. I cannot even remember what happened to my coworker's perfume. I was too preoccupied with who was getting grant funding and who wasn't (long story).
Does one group's actions in reaction to the global take over of some over others warrant my having to carefully think through which toiletries to take on my weekend extravagent in the eyes of some excursion to visit my loved one?
Crap, my current dilemnas are pathetic in the light of things but hopefully as long as one or two of my blog readers are one step closer to the conscienticization that leads to action this commentary on the blogosphere will have meaning.
May there be some purpose in deciding which toiletries to take on a very short yet emotionally imperative journey.


Wendy said...

i would take the deodorant...i would rather be a little flaky than stinky :-)

enjoy your lub'ns,

bluegrrrrl said...

Yes, the dilemma of all has gotten a little crazy. When I flew off for a spring break trip last week, I decided to pack whatever I wanted & check my cosmetic bag. The only problem...I went to Austin, and my bag ended up in Orlando! We were finally reunited a day or two later. I thought I at least deserved a Mickey Mouse hat for all my trouble...

Hope you're enjoying yourself this weekend!

margaret said...

Both of you made me laugh. Flakiness and Mickey Mouse hats. Thanks for being my blogger friends bluegrrrl and Wendy!!!