Monday, April 23, 2007


I could use some help with this right now.
I've never been very good at it.

I am the type of person who eats the whole box of Girl Scout cookies right after buying them.

I want them all at once- to the point that I don't even taste them, I just savour their idea.

I am feeling impatient in almost all aspects of my life right now.
Work, romance, travel, goals, creativity...

I need to slow down but I have always had a heavy foot,
which may be why I often start ideas in midsentence.

Breathe in desire to have everything now,
Breathe out being mindful of each step.

Did it work?
No, but I'll keep trying.


Anonymous said...

Some of us are just insatiable seekers...with voracious appetites for life's experiences. What we have to remember is that while "pursuing as much as (we) can to its lair", we have to slow from meteoric to appreciative, with an emphasis on Appreciating that which we seek when we do arrive at that impermanent destination. I don't worry very much though when you reach these points of seeming emptiness though, because I know you know the truth of it at your core. And I know that you will find your center and balance once again, truly savoring not only the pursuit but the destination of the will accommodate that experience into the beautiful being you have become after so many such encounters and streak off to the is, and will always be, your nature.


margaret said...

I love you, A. I don't know know if I want to continue with the "streak out to the next" though. I'd like to find some balance.

Julie said...

I love this post and I can relate with you immensly right now.
take care Margaret.

Anonymous said...

Conceptual cookies! Well, there are those "ideas" again, pulling us away from living. . .

And by the way, I think your impatience is just one way your fierce joie de vivre expresses itself. Don't try to quash it -- keep going strong!