Friday, April 13, 2007

Power Lines

The number of power lines around Grand Coulee Dam shouldn't surprise me.

I took this one from the car. I find it eerie.

As I prepare to post these photos, I find myself pulling an old favorite, Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities, from the shelf.

I reread the description of Ersilia, but was drawn to a different paragraph this time. Reading it after looking at these photos makes me appreciate it in terms of power and energy as opposed to human relations as I have always interpreted the description in the past.

In Ersilia, to establish the relationships that sustain city's life, the inhabitants stretch strings from the corners of the houses, white or black or gray or black-white according to whether they mark a relationship of blood, of trade, authority, agency. When the strings become so numerous that you can no longer pass among them, the inhabitants leave: the houses are dismantled; only the strings and their supports remain.

Interpret as you wish...


lujie said...

The pictures of your are very nice and i like them.
welcome to my blog and give some comments:
thank you.

Wendy said...

in the community we now live in, the power lines are below ground. i enjoy the sky without all the "strings". don't you kind of wish that all power lines were below ground...

margaret said...

It would be nice if the lines were underground, yes. It would be also if we encourage the development and marketability of alternative energy.