Tuesday, April 24, 2007


My little blog has been getting a little recognition recently.
A few weeks ago Heart included me on her blogroll on Women's Space/The Margins.

And then this weekend, Travels into the Unknown nominated me for a "Thinking Blogger Award."

Cool black beans with lots of hot sauce on them or a yummy bowl of foul!!!!

These two recognitions feel pretty good because they come from bloggers that I respect and that have something to say.

The award comes with the task of passing the torch to five more "Thinking Bloggers" thus further spreading our thought provoking ruminations across the blogosphere.

And my nominations are... (Drumroll...)

Mother Rising, one of the first blogs that I ever discovered. I love how she pushes me to remain creative and how she keeps me aware of what it is like to be a mom. I can be a mom of a small child indirectly through her. That's enough for me! Wendy, the author, is also not afraid to throw herself into social political issues that impact her. You are a brave soul, my dear Wendy!

Hopeful Beirut is another favorite. She doesn't write all that frequently and I am not even sure that she has ever visited my blog, but I appreciate hers. Through her I can experience Lebanon from afar.

I am also going to nominate Lucky White Girl. We have followed similar paths having both worked for human rights projects in Latin America and both being very dedicated to social, economic, and political justice everywhere. It's in our bones, our marrow, our blood, and our souls.

Another who writes sporadically but that I look forward to reading when she does is Pomegranate Queen. Why I like her blog so much I cannot say. Perhaps it is because she writes so infrequently and I am forced to read old posts and follow her links which allow me to see new universes, new wormholes as Y. who was in a workshop with me this weekend would say.

And as lacithecat did before me, I will forfeit my fifth nomination so that I can mention some other frequent haunts:

Sunday Scribbling

Out of the Blue

Frida's Notebook

Jaded Thea

Lingual X's 365 Project

and my beloved Laure.


joumana said...

hey margaret!
thx so much for nominating me for the Thinking blogger award... i check ur blog daily, but have trouble posting comments. i am particularly touched by ur inner yearning for a better tomorrow, a better u, as i feel these echo in my own soul...
may we both find peace at the end of the journey.

Myrthe said...

Congratulations, Margaret! You do have a blog you can be proud of! Now I am off checking the blogs you nominated. :-)

barb said...

thanks Margaret!! That's really cool!

Wendy said...

thank you, margaret...for honoring me and for all that you do!

margaret said...

joumana, myrthe, barb, and wendy,
I feel honored to have found you all in this blogoworld. Thanks for your spirits.

Lacithecat said...

Ah ... lovely! Well you deserve all the recognition and awards. Its always a joy to stop by.


Myrthe said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have added several of the blogs you mentioned to my feedreader. Thank you for pointing us in their directions! :-)

margaret said...

lacithecat, thanks again. I like that my blog is joy to stop by even if bittersweet.
Myrthe, I hope you found some blogosphere connections. I am still reeling in how incredible this blog world is at allowing people from so far away to connect!

pomegranate queen said...

thanks! it's true, i write so sporadically. i'm trying to get into blogging more. i miss it. i also linked you on my page. i always appreciate your comments and look forward to reading your blog regularly.
take care,

margaret said...

Glad to hear from you, PQ. Don't force yourself to blog if it isn't your mood. I appreciate your truthfulness and introspection. Perhaps that can only happen from time to time...