Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cool Seeds

Long silence, sorry. I've been away at a retreat, then in Seattle at a Power of Hope workshop and visiting my dear L. Hopefully, I will get around to writing about it all later. In the mean time and before I go to bed early in preparation for my long drive and day tomorrow, I thought I'd share the really cool jewelry I discovered today.

Zena McCoy, the artist behind Semilla Designs, makes these beautiful necklaces and bracelets out of seeds that she gets from Colombia. I ended up buying a simpler version of the one in the photo. She uses seeds of all shapes, colors, and sizes which appeals to me as I have tendency to collect this sort of thing. Plus, I like the fact that the beads are biodegradable!!! Some of the seeds are super funky looking and look like tree leaves and such. What fun.

She has a website in the making. You can check out a few of her creations here. Ah, how much I appreciate creativity.


Wendy said...

oooooooooh....i like!

margaret said...

I thought you would :)