Thursday, May 10, 2007

Gut Feelings

I am going through one of those days where my gut is trying to tell me something.
I tend to listen.

When I returned from Lebanon, being as passionate and somewhat impulsive as I can be, I signed up to go to an Augusto Boal Workshop. Augusto Boal is the brain behind Theatre of the Oppressed. Well, he will be at a conference in Minneapolis in a few weeks and I signed up for that and the pre-conference workshop. But now, after plane tickets and lodging, I am questioning that decision.

I am quite content in the Pacific Northwest. I could explore a mountain, a body of water, an island, a peninsula, a local workshop and my wonderful L. with the time and money. I could even do all of the above.

Part of my reasoning originally was that a Palestinian/Israeli troupe was on the program. They are no longer. And the presenters are predominately associated with universities. Not that I do not believe in universities, my mind was able to go wild in them; but I would like some more grassroots presenters. I paid my share in part so that others could afford to go. They still cannot afford it.

And so, I am thinking of not going and working on a project at work that I need to get done. And maybe taking a few here and there to climb, cuddle, or stick my feet in something.

I will sleep on it a little more; but, as always, welcome thoughts.

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