Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ma Vie en Rose

L. and I saw Ma Vie en Rose this weekend when she came to visit.

Oh, what a wonderful film. In some ways, sad; in others, uplifting. Ludovic is a seven-year old sweet as can be little one who is outwardly a boy but knows that he is a girl inside. His family struggles with this, but deeply loves him. It is a sad film because of all they face but so hopeful that he has a loving family and that he is so sure so young. I know people who have gone half a lifetime without being able to reconcile all of the mixed feelings.

I recommend this film and She's Not There: A Life in Two Genders by Jennifer Finney Boylan. Having always loved the fact that I am female, feeling as if you are in the wrong body in terms of gender is something that seems insurmountable to me. Emotional support and financial stability can make the transition a little easier I imagine but still difficult.

How courageous Ludovic is and all those that take the risk to become the gender they truly are.

Here are a few links to definitions at Wikepedia that might interest you:




And if you are in Lebanon reading this or care about Lebanon and LGBTQ issues, you may want to check out Helem.

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Wendy said...

wonderful post, m! a friend of my whom i've known for 26 years just transitioned. and i want to be truthful first reaction was one of sadness because i felt as though i lost the person i knew. it was almost like mourning. and then i thought about the film, "orlando" (one of my favorite books, by the way)and the scene in which orlando awakes as a woman and say, "same person, different body". and my friend's words kept echoing in my mind, "wen, just know that life is very good for me now". i think that just says it all. same person, different body. takes courage, indeed!