Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Smattering

I made magnets this evening in addition to other projects. I am really enjoying my evenings. I read, I write, I create. There is not enough time in my non-work day for everything that inspires me. Sigh.

For the magnets, I just used found objects that I have had no particular use for besides storing in a wood bowl but that originate from a few of my multicontinental travels.

I tried putting magnets on rocks but be careful about that idea. The magnets have to be significantly strong to hold a rock. I glue gunned more and more magnets but each time my rock quickly slipped down my thin layer of metal fridge.

I am also including some visuals from this weekend..

And as this is a smattering, I am also including a recent read that deserves some recognition, Unspeakable Love: Gay and Lesbian Life in the Middle East by Brian Whitaker. It speaks more to men's experience in the Middle East, but does give examples of what it is like to be a lesbian as well. Basically, it has its challenges. Just to make the point, one chapter is entitled, "Should I Kill Myself?"

Of course being me, I latch onto the groups that are trying to improve their situation and one such group is Helem.
I have already mentioned them on this blog because I am so excited about the work that they are doing. They have a rainbow flag flying from their office window in Beirut, but this isn't the reason I like them so much. Besides being one of the few LGBT groups in the Middle East, they have formed partnerships with other human rights organizations and have succeeded in convincing these groups that sexual rights are human rights!
They are actively campaigning for the abolition of article 534 of the Lebanese penal code which criminalizes "unnatural sexual intercourse" (whatever that means). They are also involved in advocacy and health promotion around HIV and safer sex. Most importantly, they are visible and feel that this is an important part of their work. In their view, being visible leads to the realization that same sex love exists and is perfectly normal.


Heart said...

I love your magnets! I've got all kinds of treasures around in baskets and bowls, shells, feathers, sage, wool from my sheep. I'm going to make some magnets now. :)

I love your blog!


margaret said...

Thanks, heart. I enjoy your blog too!