Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I had fun tonight.
We made costumes out of expired condoms for our community's Pride events.
I won't be in town, but I did contribute this neckpiece.


Wendy said...

add THAT to the list of reasons why i adore you!

margaret said...

It feels nice to be adored :)

Anonymous said...

And what a beautiful contagious smile you have!!

Lacithecat said...

Oh how lovely! Damn - I want one!!

No really!

And we will find love my dear. God would have not spent so much crafting us beautifully complex people if he wanted our hearts perpetually broken.

barb said...

oh that is the coolest thing I've seen all day! awesome! :-)

lilacsnwormwood said...

Hi, i'm browsing blogs on womens space to find a page of an artist, noticed it weeks ago and didn't bookmark it so i'm like going through all these blogs...

this is first time i've viewed yours and i just had to stop in and say,

you have a beautiful and wonderful blog, love the artwork and the photography...

definately bookmarking it, when i'm done looking for this site will have to take more time to read...but wanted to say,

brilliant job on your blog, very creative, insightful and uplifting,

and inspiring. Thank you for sharing,

its obvious you put in a lot of work on this.



margaret said...

Thanks for appreciating my smile.

I'd be happy to send you this one if you are serious.
In terms of love, I unfortunately tend to learn alot from broken hearts. Thanks for your empathy.

Glad you thought it was cool to see. It really cheered me up making it.

Welcome. I am looking forward to spending time on your blog as well.
Take care.

And to allmy readers,
Thank you