Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's been a good week so far

I have been figuring things out about my present and my future and being inspired by life and human beings along the way.

To begin with, I am reading a book written by a Lebanese author, Alexandre Najjar, who is my age and lived in Beirut during the Civil War. School of War/L'Ecole de la Guerre is an account of his experience during this time. It is very sad sometimes and at other times quite funny. I tried to explain the funny parts to some people in my life today, but it is hard to understand if you haven't grown up in war. I was relatively safe growing up but I still laughed hysterically and then cried moments later when another description was too close for comfort. I am looking forward to having L. read the book. We are no longer dating but we still share the connection of having grown up in the same time and place.

I also discovered a women's project in Seattle that inspired me, Rewa: Refugee Women's Alliance. My favorite part of the website was that it says you are welcome in three languages that I know and one that I still hope to learn (besides many others that I do not know). In fact, I could see myself working at Rewa someday.

This inspired me to call our local domestic violence center and offer to volunteer at the shelter. The woman called me back saying that they do not usually take volunteers at the shelter but when I said that I would be willing to facilitate an art group, she was very excited. I was too. For me, shelter work is a must for my life resume and I have not done it yet. For me, it's almost a flaw in my character.

My wanderings also took me to Peace Brigades International's Peace Education Program. I was ready to sign up until I realized that I don't speak Indonesian!

Regretfully, I moved on and discovered that there are others who are interested in peace education in the country of my childhood. Her blog name is Worried Lebanese.

And in conclusion, I need to share the song that I started my week with whether I wanted to or not. I can't believe it has taken me this long to discover Pink.

P.S. I have been listening to this song quite a few times this evening and I must add that I am very fortunate to have a father who votes in favor of my rights as a woman and who has no problem with my sexual orientation. He even checks my blog from time to time.
I love you, Dad. Happy belated blog Father's Day!


Frida said...

I'm so glad you are ahving a good week! I'm also finding little chains of connections that I think will help lead me to my next step. Remember the man from Israel who connected with your heart's dsire to help people find hope? And now the woman at the shelter who got excited about your art idea? I've been meeting some of those people lately too. I wish you more of them.

I think of you - all these miles away - as we both let go of one kind of dream and focus again on our real life work. I love your blog, it tells me that you are just the kind of person who I would love to meet and be proud to know.

Keep folowwing this links.

margaret said...

Hearing from you makes my day, Frida. You are definitely a kindred spirit. It would be nice to have balance between work and love but I guess it is still not meant to be!
It is good to remember that most paths are not straight lines.Keep follow your own links as well. I look forward to reading about them on your blog.

Anonymous said...

This whole section is so rich in important information for all kinds of concerns I feel so strongly about with you. Thanks for sharing them and please do pursue the one on Peace Education in Lebanon and let us know more about it as it is something I am also very concerned about and interested in getting involved with!
I am so glad you have such a supportive father in all domains of your life!!
Much love,

margaret said...

Great to hear from you, E.
Yes, things are and will come together. I just have to be open and aware. In six months, I will be 40. It is the perfect time for a new possibility to develop. I wonder how I will spend my next ten years of life? :)