Sunday, June 03, 2007

My Temple

I ended up getting up super early today and going on a short hike before it got too hot. I hadn't been on this trail before. It was the perfect way to focus my mind as I have had a plethora of emotions the last few days.

Last year, I told one of my neighbors that nature was my temple. It really is. Everything makes sense out here. I am part of a larger whole and life is buzzing on around me in ways that I cannot always perceive much less comprehend.

I have been thinking alot about myself the last couple of days as I sit with a deep sadness. I realize that I have not been content and at peace with my life for awhile now, even though I am doing work that I believe in and am surrounded by nature. I wonder if L. was filling a void I have within myself. Perhaps I should not try to be in a relationship until I reconcile this.


Myrthe said...

The pictures are beautiful. You are so lucky to be living close to a place like this. I can imagine it is something of a solace to take a hike there.

Please, take good care of yourself!

margaret said...

Yes, it is really pretty here in the spring, summer, and fall. This is what has kept me here.
Thanks for checking in on me, Myrthe.

Wendy said...

i'm sorry it didn't work out with L. i had my fingers crossed for you. relationships are a challenge, even the good ones require gobs of work.

margaret said...

Thanks, Wendy. I had really wanted it to work but you can't force things. Maybe we will make better friends.
It is so nice to receive support and kind words from my blogger friends. It means alot to me.

Anonymous said...
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