Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Peace, Compassion and Authenticity

I wish to be authentic and mindful of people. I recognize that I am not always, and therefore apologize with full sincerity and acknowlege the pain that I have caused.

I was told the most hurtful thing that I have ever heard in my life today. I do not know if it was in reaction to any hurt that I myself have caused or because of something much larger. I will never know because I recognize that it is not my place to. I know that what was said is not true and I will practice compassion. I will also make sure to keep myself emotionally safe. I recognize the beauty within us all and love all beings who live with our earth.



Jan said...

Have you heard of the practice of "tonglen"? That's what Pema Chodron advocates for such feelings as yours. Perhaps that would help. Also, the simple (!!) prayer that has helped me in so many ways is: "Bless _________, change me." I'm always the one who needs my feelings to be altered!

margaret said...

What's tonglen?
Thanks for being there,

Frida said...

I practice tonglen too - it helps me process the pain and suffering that I encounter in this work. It works for me - very much. I learned it from Pema Chodron's teachings too. I wonder if she knows how many people she has helped.

I'm sorry that someone was so hurtful. But I am glad that this new learning came from it - although it seems you already had your own practice along similar lines.