Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Perfect Sunday Outing

Well, I made the big guy very happy today. I took my father to an old railroad line that has been converted into a 14 mile low grade downhill bicycle trail that goes through tunnels and over trestles. It was cloudy today, not as hot, and when I was getting grumpy about stopping at every single historical marker and descriptive plaque, I just had to look over at the smile on my father's face to know that I had picked the perfect Sunday outing. The mountains were amazingly beautiful too. I must make a point to come hiking, maybe even camping, out here sometime this summer.

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Jan said...

I liked you telling us about looking at your dad's face when you started to feel grumpy and changed your attitude. Stop, look, listen. . . My parents are both dead, and I wish I could stop and look more at them. Thank you.