Sunday, July 29, 2007

procrastinating again

Yes, I am procrastinating again. I have managed to read all of my assignments for my online up to a year to complete creative writing class. But the writing part? I all of a sudden want to read and make collages of poems that I have been reading, or explore new blogs. Anything but.

So what has been inspiring me and helping me this weekend besides Audre Lorde? Well, through frida I discovered mahima's blog VIEWFINDER. She makes collages and altered books that are so beautiful and fun! I found "Stop Shaving, Start Living" especially inspiring as I cannot stand to shave, and don't often.

I read some poetry by Pablo Neruda for my class and liked this verse from "Walking Around":

I do not want to go on being a root in the dark,
hesitating, stretched out, shivering with dreams,
downwards, in the wet tripe of the earth,
soaking it up and thinking, eating every day.

I made my own tonglen collaged card ( I still don't have a scanner) and used the letter stamps and the spiral that I bought last week.

I breathe in the pain that we unintentionally caused each other...
I breathe out




And now for some writing :)


MAHIMA said...

thank you for the introduction here. :)
i like your college... i'm pretty terrible at minimalistic styles (in anything!) so I love that you could use 3 simple words and so few distinct colours and make a good looking peice!
happy writing.

margaret said...

Funny that you say that, mahima :)
I felt like mine was too bland and ended up adding some green water color pencil on top. I am not a two-D person and it takes effort for me to use lots of color, but I love it when I do!

Jan said...

The collage is lovely, especially coupled with the tonglen. That I needed tonight.

margaret said...

Always happy to inspire, Jan. Especially after you inspired me! :)