Monday, July 23, 2007

The Tough Gal Look

I broke my wire rimmed glasses today. As they are made out of titanium I do not think they are solderable but I will experiment with glue. I took advantage of the opportunity to go to our local swanky eye glass store to see if they happened to still have the glasses that I saw there a year ago. When I put them on I felt like a tough early feminist like Emma here. I could really develop my act with a pair of glasses like these. Maybe I would even get another threatening letter like I did last week! (Oh yes, by the way, I was told that I was going to hell FOREVER last week. No biggy, it means that I am doing my job :) ) Unfortunately, the glasses were no longer at the store and none of the others seemed quite right. I am determined to look like a tough gal now and will just have to wear my fun red glasses until the perfect serious wire rims come along.


Wendy said...

hi m. sorry you're getting hate mail...though it usually means that you're doing something right.

you really should post the letter on the blog. h.a. who writes "dooce" publishes both her hate mail and her replies. the hate mail is funny, but her replies are funnier still...i wish i could think of something surly to say to her just so i could read her response.

you are happiness, tough girl!

margaret said...

The hate mail was at work. I don't advertise where I work but I am pretty sure I told you where I work at some point. It was in response to a letter to the editor that I had written back in April. It shows I am making an impact which is a good thing.
And yes, I am once again happiness. It's been a good week...