Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Late Night

I stayed up late again last night making postcards. These are the ones that are ready to mail out. The others are in various stages of completeness. I've uploaded both sides of the cards. The two on the right are both sides then the the ones on the left, etc...

My inner critic is still quite strong but I am ignoring it. The point is to make them and enjoy myself making them. To learn about different techniques and effects as I make them. To not be attached to the outcome. And most importantly, to have fun.


Carol Gee said...

"Losing yourself" to find yourself. . . I so enjoy the results. Your creativity bursts these days are amazing. Thanks for all your gifts to the blogosphere, Margaret.

margaret said...

"Losing yourself" to find yourself. Yes I suppose that may be what is happening. It sure has managed to get me out of my lull in my professional life as well.
Thanks for your encouragement, carol :)