Saturday, August 25, 2007


I want to make this clear,

We may not all be creative in the same way, but

If I have to think of an overriding philosophy that guides my life, this would be it.

Some of us are creative with computers, others with finance, others with law, program implementation, etc..

And in terms of making collage/postcards like these, the point is that it doesn't matter. Some of these, perhaps most of these, would get a horrible critique if I was back in art class. Do I care? Occasionally, yes; but in general and in principal, NO. I am not making a living off of art making so what do I care? And, yes, it makes me happy. My endorphins exist in my hands, after all.

All of this creative buzz has revitalized my life and my commitment to where I live and work. There have been many late nights and subsequently late mornings but the work quality is back and I am happy. A little voice does whisper that I would love a partner but hopefully that time will come and I am taking the few proactive steps that exist to make this happen. However, the truth is that love cannot be rushed and I must be patient if I want the real thing next time.

In the mean time, I will make things, be creative, live my life to its fullest even if that includes late nights.
I encourage you to embrace your creativity, to take risks, and to not listen to that voice that tells you that you cannot do something.



Myrthe said...

You are so right in saying that everyone is creative in her/his own way. Your recent creative posts with the postcards at first made me not jealous -that's not the right word- but simply thinking: "I want to be able to do that too!". But then I realized that I am creative in my own way, for one, I am more creative with words than with art or visual things. I have found out that I am creative in finding solutions to increase the quality of other people's lives. Those are things that I find fulfilling, that make me happy when something works or I have created something. But I still admire your ability to be creative in a visual way, to be able to create something beautiful! Just because that is an area in which I don't feel comfortable at all.

Why is it that people tend to admire people who are creative in making art, be it written or visual or musical? Why does this kind of creativity seem to be somehow regarded "higher" or "better" than other kinds of creativity? This is just a question that came out of my thinking about your posts and that I don't have a ready answer to.

margaret said...

These are just some thoughts. Thinking about the above quote, I would say that the arts are one acceptable place to be creative, where it is safe to be creative. Using our imagination beyond a canvas or a piece of paper is boundary pushing, and many people do it. Plus, being an artist and making a living as an artist is a difficult choice. It can even be difficult to support yourself and artists are as feared as much as they are revered.
This does not quite answer your question.