Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hope and Overcoming Barriers

These are some photos that I took of our CSTI closure ceremony. The peace flags are our hopes for the future. Mine was encouraging others (but mostly myself) to believe in the possibility of our dreams.

I have already shared the wall of barriers. This was placed amidst the flags of hope and then we stapled on a yellow ladder things that we learned over the weekend that will help us climb over our obstacles.

I picked "Reproductive Justice." I will hopefully write about it more later. The framework makes so much sense to me.


Carol Gee said...

Margaret, great pics. . . very hopeful and cheery. Thanks!

Jan said...

Thanks for the pictures. Love the peace flags.

Myrthe said...

I like the visual way of pointing out the problems and the solutions to them: first you built your own wall of barriers and at the end you make a ladder of things that will help you conquer the barriers. That's a great way of visualizing it!

The pictures are wonderful. It's interesting to try to read what was written down.

I hadn't been able to come to your site for the past day and now that I did have time, there were so many great posts and pictures waiting for me! That is one of the many things I like about your blog, Margaret. Every time I see you have a new post up, there's always something that keeps me lingering: great pictures, quotes, ideas. For me, visiting you blog has really become a treat! ;-)

margaret said...

I am glad that you like my blog, Myrthe. Sometimes I think that it is not serious enough, other times I think that it is too serious but really it is good view of me and my many interests!
I still need to get the book out to you. My local independent book store is out of it and cannot reorder. I imagine amazon has it but I will probably send you my copy because that way I am sharing inspiration without contributing to the destruction of more trees. Plus, I get too attached to my books anyway. it is important for ideas to spread and book sharing is a good way for this to happen. And then you get to read my underlines and see what inspired me:)