Friday, August 31, 2007

Many, many, evolving...

I have gone back and photographed a few that were probably made in April. At least the "New Territory" one, which refers to going out on a limb for L.

The above is a photocopy of a photo by Ed Kashi. A female sunbather smoking in front of the still to this day ruined St. Georges Hotel. This was my reality growing up. This could have been my mother even though to her credit she would have made sure that I was aware of the hipocrisy of it all.

I think these to the left will go to S.
I'm not sure about this one yet. V. would be a logical choice.

Those to the right are headed to my boss who said that she wanted one. Audre Lorde would be a good choice for her as she is my inspiration.

These are inspired by the Landmark Forum . A. invited me to Graduate Night and eventhough both of us have had our issues with the idea of enrollment we have gained from the experience.

Cardamon smells and tastes yum.

For the record, I will use my hands.

And a thank you for those that don't get much credit and yet have been delivering my postcards nearly intact.


Wendy said...

the 6th postcard is my fave. the girl in the photo is stunning. checked out the good reads in your library section. have you read "aimee and jaguar"?

margaret said...

No, I haven't read it. But, I walked up the hill to our local independent bookstore and guess what popped out at me? I didn't buy it yet. I probably will at some point though. Books about Nazi Germany take soem prep time for me. If you haven't noticed, I get emotionally involved in things.
Love you,

MAHIMA said...

I LOVE your postcards. particularly the ones with people beause i love what you've done to alter them. they look rich and gorgeous.
i love the texture look in your postcards.
i've had a hugely "off" days today and you made my day.
thank you.

margaret said...

Funny how both you and Wendy like the people one's the best. What I have always been most afraid of. Figures. Glad I made your day.

Myrthe said...

I kept wanting to tell you that last week I finally read something by Audre Lorde. I'm reading the "Norton Book on Women's Lives" (which is a very, very good and diverse collection of excerpts from women's autobiographies - highly recommended) and there's an excerpt from A.L. as well. I liked it very much and I'll definitely be on the lookout for more. She is one of my discoveries from the book. Just wanted to let you know as you're the one from whom I first learned about her. Thank you for that!