Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More on Lifemakers Center

When I wrote to Fida at the e-mail address I provided below, this is the response that I received:

I'm really glad to hear from any wants to help and being friend to life makers hear, after all the closing which the USA trying to do , specially the bank accounts the only way to send money safely is the western union , it is always good to send the money by .
We don’t want to end and close the center after 3 years of the hard work and the suffering we faced we want to continue the work for the children .
Do your best to help . thank you so much.

Fida Qishta

Life makers center

C. 00970599681669

Tomorrow I will figure out how to use Western Union and send a donation. The comment about freezing bank accounts really got to me. Children are suffering because of US and Israeli policies. Give them a little respite, please.

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