Sunday, August 19, 2007


I haven't been in a blogging mood for the past few days. I've been traveling and spending time with my dear colleagues. Last night was the first night that I could take it easy at home with Maya. And so, I worked on some postcards.

Frida's T-shirt inspired this one:

Peace the Flower,

Justice the Seed.

I sewed Muslin onto the other side. I am really liking these seed pods I found.

In the spirit of Lenore Tawney's postcards, I am not considering them complete until I mail them. I want to see the stamp and the postmark on them. I also want to see they survive the voyage. Will every glued seed make it? Will the card make it across the ocean to Paris, France?

I even send them to myself by dropping them stamped into another mailbox and seeing if they make it to mine.

I made two of this one, one for me and one for Myrthe. I am sending her my copy of Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit and thought I'd attempt sending her a postcard with a quote.

Hope is a door, or a vision of a door, a belief in a way forward that is not open to all people at all times.
-Rebecca Solnit

In an example of how we are interconnected, it was actually Rebecca Solnit's brother who helped think up the Hope and Overcoming Barriers creations that I experienced at CSTI!

The other side is a personal revelation that I had:

I have come to realize that I work in cycles, fluctuating from the right side of the brain to the left. When I become passionless in the one, I switch to the other with a depressive respite in the middle.

And now I am going to enjoy a rainy day on the couch reading and writing with Maya curled up alongside me.


Lacithecat said...

Those are beautiful! I don't really understand how you do it? Are you just pasting the cards and materials together?

I don't have an artistic bone in my body, but I am impressed. Shame though if things fell off. Maybe if you put them in an envelope, but alas then the stampes and postmarks would be missing and that is half the fun.

margaret said...

They are mostly glued together with Elmer's. Not the strongest glue in the world. I did start sewing some parts together and may do more of that with time.
I don't really mind parts falling off. It makes them a little worn and arbitrary. So far I have been amazed at how unscathed they are when they arrive!

Myrthe said...

I love the card! I am waiting anxiously! Whatever arrives of the postcard, it'll get a place in my new home!

I just showed the pictures to my boyfriend and instead he was more interested in Maya's picture in the sidebar. ;-) He loves black cats and he adored Maya!

margaret said...

I mailed everything off today. Finally. I am not sure the postcard will make it. I put a bunch of stamps on it and mailed it from work. When I went to the post office, I learned that I may not have put enough stamps on it. Oh well. If it doesn't work, I'll try again.
Tell your boyfriend that he has good taste. Maya drives me nuts, but at this point I am not sure that I could live without her. Right now, after an hour of begging for more food she is curled up on the futon/couch.
Take care,

Frida said...

What a fabulous interpretation of that quote. I carry it with me - I've been doing lots of conflict resolution/ peace building work for the past three weeks and I find it exhausts me. But I keep thinking "even if I just plant the seed... "

Anonymous said...

Your card has made it to Paris, intact and beautiful!! Your creative spirit is really coming through lately!! It is great!!
Thanks a lot!

Myrthe said...

Margaret, I just wanted to let you know that your package arrived at my parents. I can't wait!

margaret said...

Yeh!! That was fast. Let me know if the postcard makes it.