Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Surge of Making

Yes, it's late. And yes, I am working in the morning. I had a surge of making and I decided to go with it. Even the kitchen is a mess. When art bleeds into the kitchen, I know things are going well.
Perhaps some of these creations will change tomorrow. There have already been forced metamorphoses tonight.
I walked to work and collected bark on my way there and back. Added glass elements that I had planned to use for magnets with my most wished yet most improbable desire written underneath amongst the bark and a secret ingredient from Saida that may melt but will smell good in the mean time. Oh how I love run ons.
The picture of me may need to be altered. It seems egotistical, self-centered. The writings are from Audre Lorde. Does that surprise anyone? One is the Diaspora poem previously cited, the other from Zami.
To whom do I owe the power behind my voice, what strength I have become, yeasting up like sudden blood from under the bruised skin's blister?
So many images coming to mind as I type this. E. on her bicycle dressed in flowing purple velvet. I, sweaty and dirty, going home for dinner or a nap from the metals studio. Speaking a French that makes my jaws ache.
L., dear yet inapproachable L., keeping me in sight in Saida. Standing in the store as the freaky American looked at shards of leftover soap, finally given permission to retreat.

And finally, a peace flag decorated with findings and symbols of hope wishing for a future that makes more sense than today.


Anonymous said...

No, you don't look self-centered on the picture but more like some kind of guru smiling to your flock!! A goddess in the making!
Thanks for all this beauty!

margaret said...

Thanks, E!
I added some stuff to that one of me. Perhaps too much so. But that is the beauty of this project: it doesn't matter. i am making for the sheer joy of making. If one doesn't work out, I'll make another one and learn as I go...