Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another Bombing in Lebanon

Where was it?
Sin al-Fil.
Where is that?
On the other side of the river from Beirut,
On the Roumieh side.

Is it an Armenian community?
I don’t know. You may be thinking of Ain Roumaneh.

Just heard about the explosion. Was it in Sin al-Fil?
Yep, it was in Sin al-Fil,
10 minutes by car from my house.
I actually heard it.
Fuck them. They won’t leave us in peace.

What is the word in Lebanon as to who is responsible?
Syria or supporters of Syria?
Everybody says it's the Hezbollah and co.

I am feeling wordless.
I am distant and a part of all of this at the same time.
How can we get beyond it all?
I do not want to give up hope for peace.

The Four Agreements:
· Don’t take things personally.
· Always do your best.
· Don’t make assumptions.
· Be impeccable with your word.

If we followed these, would peace prevail?

I must believe, YES.

I am thousands, if not millions of miles away.
And yet I care.
I will not let go.
It is a purely selfish reason.
I do not want to live my life knowing that the country that formed me
has not arrived at long lasting peace.

Lebanon will know sustainable peace before I die.
Lebanon will experience sustainable peace before I die.

Men in positions of comfortable privilege and power,


This is more important to me than a relationship,
by the way.


Frida said...

Oh. Margaret, so wrong. It makes a mokery of this whole "International Day of Peace" we are all supposed to be working on. 24 hours of peace in Afghanistan and around the world - starting midnight tonight.

But peace is possible. You are right to believe. If I stopped believing that there would be no point to keep on keeping on.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Margaret!
I feel like you and I thank you for feeling the way you do!
Thank you for being here!