Friday, September 14, 2007

Black Beans and Making

I am planning a social event in my nest, Black Beans and Making. Some people have already told me they cannot come, others are not female. This first time I am only inviting women because we go through enough as women to feel comfortable. Sorry male friends, but if you are my friend and are male, I know you are O.K. with this.
I will probably have a rain date for my local friends who cannot come.
Anything goes at my first creativity party as long as you acknowledge your creativity in whatever form it takes. My faraway and blogger friends are welcome to share their creative expression with us through the telephone, mail, e-mail and the blogosphere.
Much genuine love.
Please note that the images that I altered are from a Syracuse Cultural Workers calendar from a previous year.


Myrthe said...

I'll be with you in spirit. The postcards are beautiful - as usual ;-). I love the color combinations, especially the blues and yellows.

Jan said...

Great colors!

margaret said...

I know you will be there in spirit. By the way, did your parents ever receive my postcard?

Jan and Myrthe,
I like the colors too.
Thanks for checking in. I always love hearing from you.

Myrthe said...

I don't know, Margaret. They never mentioned it. But they're coming this Wednesday, so I'll find out then.