Monday, September 03, 2007

The Mundane

I spent my labor day doing something that has left me feeling very satisfying.
I cleaned out my closet.
I still have an old computer and television in there, but most of the dust is gone and I have over two brown paper grocery bags full of clothing to give away. One of my landladies/friends is going to see if the young women she works with want to take a look. They just might. I still think of myself as having funky taste and there are some professional pants and jackets that are perfect for job interviews among the lot.

In the mean time, the bags are in my car and I get to treat myself to a tidy and somewhat empty closet. What joy. I give myself a daily lecture about how I have too many clothing compared to many. I still have much more than many but I feel that I am living simpler.
Plus, everything matches!
I love looking at my closet and seeing how just about everything matches. It's like the children's clothing Garanimals. I can jump out of bed and throw something on that looks somewhat professional and chances are it will match.

I also love the fact that I have more storage space than items. OK, I'm a nerd or have alot of alone time. I am happy with both descriptions.


Lacithecat said...

I love cleaning things out and reorganizing things. It makes me feel empowered and calm.

margaret said...

:) Funny how hearing from you always brings a smile to my face. How are you doing, Lacithecat? Are your projects well? And personally?

Wendy said...

hey m, if you feel comfortable giving me your snail mail...i'll send you my copy of aimee and jaguar.
my email is
wendy at wendy cook dot com

Jan said...

I am so impressed you cleaned out your closet. I have needed to do that for several years. Yuck. But there is always a good feeling WHEN it is done.

margaret said...

Thanks! I just e-mailed you :)

margaret said...

Yes, I am so enjoying looking at it despite how nerdy it may seem.