Monday, September 17, 2007

A package from Wendy

I came home to a package today from my blog friend Wendy. It contained the book Aimee and Jaguar. I am a little nervous about reading it because it takes place during the Second World War and I tend to get worked up over stories that end with someone being shipped off and dying in a concentration camp.
Plus, it's the story of love between two women. Seeing that I have been moping and feeling sorry for myself because I am not one of two main characters in a real life love story, I am worried that it will make my mood even worse. Today at work I totally turned grumpy at the suggestion that we have a "prom" fundraiser all because I was certain I would end up going by myself and having to dance by myself while everyone coupled up.
However, reading the sweet note from Wendy inside has changed my mood and perspective:
Dear M,
Real life stories of love always give me hope for the world.
Much love,
Well, what gives me hope is that there are people like Wendy in the world whom I would never have met if it wasn't for these strange new media that didn't exist when I was growing up called the internet and the blogosphere. People like her that I share a connection with and who sends me a book even though I have never met her face to face!
What a great alternative to Dorothy Allison's Skin which was beginning to depress me. It has way too much sex in it for a single person to take.
Thank you, thank you, dear Wendy!
I will begin reading it tonight.


Wendy said...

i thought it was a very powerful book.

enjoy :-)

Lacithecat said...

Yes, we are lucky to have blogs. Just imagine living with the lack of public expression that existed before.

The book looks lovely and don't be down (gosh, I am totally in your shoes) - I truely have to believe there is something better out there than my recent relationships. Until, I am going to enjoy my life as much as I can. Smile ...