Saturday, September 01, 2007

Spunky Woman Award

Before I get overly preoccupied with ridding the house of black cat hair and making baba ganuj for my bike ride and potluck tomorrow, I wanted to praise one spunky woman. Her name is Mahima and she has recently been my inspiration with all of my postcard creations.
She has now outdone herself because she has actually performed one of the experiments that Natalie Goldberg writes of in Writing Down the Bones. Remember the piece where she talks about setting up a writing booth? Mahima didn't just read about it, she did it!
For this, I award her the first ever Spunky Woman Award.
Sorry, there are no buttons or statues to give out and I am too burned out on postcardmaking tonight to make one. This post will have to do.
If you haven't yet checked out Love is Handmade, please do. There is definitely a reason why I read it daily!
Mahima, thank you for sending your creative energy out into the world. You are directly making a difference in my life and there is definitely a ripple effect with this. You have helped renew my energy in my difficult profession called social work. Thank you.

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~summer~ said...

I made this tonight for the first time. Yum!