Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Today is...

I haven't been in a writing mood. But today is September 11 and I really like my post from last year and so I am providing readers with a link to it:


Myrthe said...

This sentence struck me:"I still do not know why the events of 9/11/2001 occurred." Has anyone ever asked or even try to ask that question? Is it even possible to ask that question - at least in the US? As I wrote the previous sentence down, I realized that this was not a rethorical (sp?)question, but one that I am really interested in. Is it by now possible to discuss the why-question in the US? Because it certainly wasn't shortly after 9/11 or even a few years ago.

Yesterday, I happened to catch a glimpse of the memorial ceremony in NYC and again the names of the people who died on that day were read out loud. It annoyed me enormously for some reason. A bit later I realized why: does anybody ever remember all those innocent people who have died in Afghanistan, in Iraq since 9/11? Has the world really changed since that date? Is the world really a safer or better place because of the War on Terror?

margaret said...

I wish I could say something positive, but I can't. Americans are not known for their understanding of other countries and cultures. I blame alot of our insensitivity on the fact that the majority of us only speak English and no other langauges. This allows us to turn people into "theys."
People have asked "Why do they hate us?" but then turn around and passively allow an _____ to put us in debt and "civilise" the Iraquis. Like we can do that. We are hardly "civilised" ourselves. I use "we" because despite the fact that I opposed both wars and spoke out, I am still complicit. This is my country after all.