Saturday, October 06, 2007

As you have probably guessed, my plans to go to the coast fell through. My friend G. had some personal stuff come up and I ended up coming home. I was fine about it yesterday, but for some reason today I woke up depressed. The "I am always lonely," "I have no connections," "I could die and no one would notice" tape started playing. I did eventually get myself out of bed and talked it out with my neighbors A. and S. I felt much better after that. I also went on a short hike with my friend V. The pictures above are from that hike.

I have not posted any pictures in awhile of my beloved Maya with whom I spend most of my time.

And of course, I made more postcards. The one above I am sending to Frida in Ghor, Afghanistan via regular mail. We will see if it arrives.
Nostalgia went to J. at my regular coffee shop and I. got a collaged reproduction of one of her actual paintings!

R. got the one below, a verse from a poem by Mina Loy.

At your mercy
Our Universe
Is only
A colorless onion
You derobe
Sheath by sheath
A disheartening odour
About your nervy hands


frida said...

I'm very impressed - well done for turning around your day and your mood.

I am very excited about my postcard!!

Myrthe said...

I agree with Frida: good for you to make an effort to make something of your day (and your mood) anyway!