Monday, October 22, 2007

Here are the rest of the postcards I sent out yesterday.
Arundhati Roy- I just love her. She totally inspires me.
The quote is on my sidebar and the postcard is going to one of the women in the town where I live who has the most integrity, in my opinion, A. She lives across the street, but instead of just giving it to her, seeing if it makes it through the postal system is fun to me. As you may know, I bribe the local post office with thank you postcards. They may eventually have their own gallery. I have found that postcards that don't go through my zipcode post office take longer to arrive. Hmmm... maybe it's because I haven't sent them thank you postcards yet.

S. heard Eve Ensler speak the other day. She was quite the inspiration to me a few months ago and so I sent her one of my favorite quotes about accepting that which challenges us.

The one below is for L. We have been able to communicate again. After a jab of anger on my part and an apology on hers, I seem to have finally found my closure.
When I was a child, we lived in Istanbul for a year during the height of the civil war in Lebanon. My mother and I went to visit the crying column of Hagia Sophia. I stuck my finger in the waxy substance and can only remember the experience from the eyes of a child. Did the Virgen really cry when the church turned into a mosque? What is the waxy substance in the column, really?

This one goes to my friends M, F, I, L, and A. They are from Guatemala, a country that is dear to my heart. When I first moved to where I live, I saw two young girls walking down the street in "traje", traditional Mayan attire. I stopped my car that I was driving, Maude, and asked if I could meet their mother.
Despite long periods of silence on my part, we have been friends ever since. I love the fact that M hasn't compromised her beliefs or culture here. She still wears traje.

Oh yes, and Maya Portly is still demanding food. For some reason, the incongruence of her deep black, soft yet heavy, furry body sitting on my silver barely functioning "Made somewhere foreign and probably a sweat shop" cheap radio/CD/ cassette player makes me laugh.

I am just about caught up. I wish that I could say the same for my homework.


Lacithecat said...

Margaret you are a darling! I finally received the postcard today. Its really amazing! I mean, really!

I feel fortunate to have been sent one and the pictures really don't do them justice.

Thank you!

margaret said...

I'm so glad that you received it finally!!!!