Monday, October 15, 2007

My addiction

I just got some more books in the mail and I decided that it was time to do inventory. Since August, these are all the books that I have bought. I think I have a problem. I haven't even gotten to read them all.

These two have been a huge inspiration behind my postcard making.
And I just splurged on this one.

This is the textbook for the Human Sexuality class that I am taking. Very interesting. This week's readings were on gender and sexual orientation. I learned all about intersexuality and what it means to be queer. I would like to write a post about it all later.
My readings inspired me to buy "My Gender Workbook" so that I can explore what my gender means to me and hopefully gain insight on what gender might mean for others. Plus, I love workbooks and quizzes :)

My interest in Dorothy Allison and Rebecca Brown was fueled by a desire to read lesbian authors. Rebecca Brown's writing is especially amazing.
I have already written about "Gifts of the Body."
"The Dogs" was recommended by my creative writing professor. I haven't gotten to it yet.
For the record, I am not pursuing a degree. I just like taking classes and working a 50/60 hour a week job. It keeps from thinking about how I am lonely.

I bought this one for work and for my future interest in possibly concentrating on peace education one day. This week I am going to co-facilitate something on diversity and privilege. I may pull something out of it.

The reasons these are piled up on my coffee table may be obvious to many of you. I started reading "Gandhi's Way." It has all kinds of practical examples from interpersonal conflict, to organizational, community and beyond. In terms of Palestine, I read a blurb on mainstream news about how Condoleeza Rice is talking about a Palestinian state but I haven't read any of the "real" news sources to get a better sense of it all. My cynicism makes me worried that it is not a good deal for the Palestinians and it is just one more attempt for the Palestinians to appear uncompromising to the mainstream Western world. If you have any insights, you are welcome to share.

As I work in a non-profit, I thought these looked interesting but between my two classes, my job, and my postcards, I haven't gotten to them yet.
I am not allowed to buy any more books until I get through more of these. I say that knowing full well that I have another one on the way.
Ok, Its time to make postcards, look through Sabrina Ward Harrison's book, and start figuring out my gender :) I have a busy night!


Myrthe said...

There are way too many books that look way too interesting there! I already have "From the Ground Up" on my wishlist (did you mention it here before? Because I have no clue how I came across this book before). The Gender Workbook, the one on Sexuality and Ghandi's Way jump out to me as well. I'd never heard of Wild Thorns before, but I'll have to remember that one as well.

margaret said...

"From the Ground up" probably popped up on my library thing sidebar when you were reading my blog.

Wendy said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE Lenore Tawney and that book is a jewel. I almost bought SAB's 3rd book, but I wanted to see it first and our bookstore didn't have a copy. Sometimes one has to look at the book and hold it a bit in order to be sure about it.

Oh, and you probably know this, but the author of the trading card book, Bernie, is also a dog rescuer...

I'm convinced she is some sort of angel.

Frida said...

what a book shelf. i could curl up for a month and just read - drinking the sea is a personal favorite, and i love my SWH journal too.

margaret said...

Frida and Wendy,
I am really enjoying SWH's journal. I too like to look at books before I buy them but I am glad I just bought the journal without seeing it this time.