Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Red Object

As I often speak about experimenting, I thought that I would share my first attempt at a poem. It's not amazing, I know. It will probably evolve. It already has. Comments and criticism are welcome.

I think of you as I face the world.
Your warm, deep red
calling me
into your nest.

Here I can be comforted
amongst your fullness.
Curl on your crimson paisleys.
Enveloped by your geometric patterns,
a snorpurring ball of fur by my side.

Your softness,
your color,
your warmth
absorbs my tears,
buries me in your deep creases,
smoothing out my rock-ridden heart.

On you,
I travel through place and emotion
Wondering if
I am lonely or content.

On you,
I read,
recuperate my strength,
rediscover my passion

remain alone,
stifled by your embrace.

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