Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Small Adventure

I got my usual Sunday phone call from my father telling me to get out of the house and so I decided to do some exploring. The landscape where I live is quite diverse. To the north and east are mountains covered with ponderosa pine, to the south are rolling hills of fields, and to the west is desert. I decided to visit the desert and went in search of a lake that I had heard of. The above is a deserted house that I saw along the way.

The lake was beautiful and in some ways I wished I had a kayak but at the same time I was excited to get some exercise hiking around it instead. There was a nice wind. It was brisk but not cold really.

One side of the lake was covered with pine while the other side was almost completely empty.

It was just me and the cows out there.

Or so I thought.

I heard gun shots in the distance. I must be on hunting land. This didn't scare me much though. I wasn't worried about me, just upset that an animal might get killed. I continued on my way, grumbling about how this was just another example why I didn't like guns.

When I saw these casings, however, I decided that it was time to turn around.

I finally understood what "Public Access Land" meant.


Wendy said...

oh, m! i'm just wild about the first and next to the last photos. gorgeous! would love to explore that deserted house up close. deserted houses intrigue me...i wonder about the stories, the people, the memories that once inhabited the space.

martie said...

I agree with Wendy - I love that deserted house. If it could talk - oh the stories we would enjoy. Don't you wonder about life in that house? Was anyone born there? How many families called it home? How many died there? Was the house filled with laughter and joy?

The other pictures are good as well, but I am not a desert person. I can appreciate the beauty in the photos tho.