Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Night

This is all I am able to upload tonight. Blogger trouble and I need to go to bed. I never did get my homework done. My definitions of gender and sexual orientation for people at a 5th grade reading level will just have to wait, and be late. I have been making postcards for hours- heaven. Plus, I rediscovered this CD I bought when I lived in Sunset Park, Brooklyn back in 2001-2002. Latino Rock and Punk- WATCHA. I haven't listened to it in years.

The above postcard is for E. We had pancakes together today and I had fun.

Shit, I know the subject matter is a bit depressing. Sometimes I can't help myself since the reality is: LIFE IS DEPRESSING.

This is one I made for S.
Libroculari: People who like to read in bed (or hammocks.)

I have felt a bit like a member of the Monkees today as I sported my new purple fair trade knit hat from Nepal. I LOVE IT!!!
Thanks, S.

I love this one of Ms. Maya Portly.

More postcards and M. Y. photos but unfortunately not tonight.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the postcard which reminds me of my first home in Urbana! A green house also but not going through an earthquake like this one!!!
Have only now been able to go on your blog which I missed for quite a while and sadly so as I was traveling and then my internet connection was not working!
Hope your depression is gone!
You are great!!

margaret said...

oops E.
That was for another E. :) I have one that I will send you soon. Of my favorite poet/feminist/rebel.
Unfortunately, the depression hasn't dissapated but the self-reflection that is coming out is powerful. When I finally come out of it, I will be even more powerful than ever (and hopefully more balanced between work and personal life too).
I love you!!!!