Saturday, October 13, 2007

To a Man Who Got Right Back Up

I have to say that Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize brought a smile to my face. Ever since I saw An Inconvenient Truth, I have known that Gore is finally able to follow his true passion without having to compromise as much as one has to in party politics. Al Gore was screwed over, but he got back up. That is why I am so happy. The thank you signs from the kids are proof that he is doing the right thing now. As far as I am concerned, he is making much more of an impact on the healthy future of these children than he could as president. I hope he doesn't run; even though, I will definitely vote for him if he does.
Thank you, Al Gore.


Spokie said...

Well said.

Frida said...

I agree - and getting back up again (my definition of resilience) is a quality i value very, very highly especially when practiced in pursuit of a worthwhile goal.

That bruise looks mean!