Thursday, October 18, 2007

Various quotes, images, and creations

I want to catch up... now that I have had it with my moping. While it may not have shown on my blog, moping has not been my fulltime occupation. I have been continuing to pursue my intellectual, political, visual, and creative interests.
Here is a smattering...

For J.

For E.

For S.

I am suggesting that heterosexuality, like mother-hood, needs to be recognized and studied as a political institution...
- Adrienne Rich

On a deeper level, "queer" suggests that we have a cultural blind spot. We "see" that identities (especially sexual identities) are singular and inherent and unchanging. So... what we are (gay/straight: male/female) determines what we want, what we do and who we do it with. What we don't see is that our identities could be, often are multiple, that they are always evolving.
- I.P

The powerful contribution of queer theory to human sexuality has been to identify how we have "frozen" our sexual development potential and oppressed alternative sexualities through a combination of binary thinking, heterosexual privilege, and cultural fear and shame around any sexual expression.
- I.P.

Our genders never shift, we're told. The genders we're assigned at birth lock us onto a course through which we'll be expected to become whole, well-rounded, creative, loving people- but only as men or women. From where I stand, that's like taking a field of racehorses, hobbling the front legs of half of them and the rear legs of the other half, and expecting them to run a decent race: it doesn't work. Gender, this thing we're all seemingly born with, is a major restraint to self-expression.
- Kate Bornstein

And for S. and S.

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