Monday, October 01, 2007

Yes, I have been making postcards during my absence. As usual, they are in various stages of completion.

The above are two pieces of used sandpaper glued together with a piece of purple mesh in between. I sent it to my colleague who is helping me access my own magic, my own possibilities, even though I am not yet sure what they are :)

And this one I will probably send to lacithecat, if I can figure out what to put on the other side.

I'm going out of town on Thursday. I have a meeting on the other side of the mountains and then I am headed to the coast with a dear friend that I have known since my time in Guatemala. He works ten days in the Oregon Cascades and comes out for another ten days during which he usually goes hiking somewhere. If you want to talk to him, you have to call him the day he gets out or the day he heads back to work. I photographed his schedule when I last saw him and keep track of when he is out of the mountains. Well, he's out this weekend and we are headed on an adventure. I'm a little nervous since he is an expert backpacker and I am not. Plus, it's gotten wet on the other side of the mountains. I bought a waterproof bivy and some rain pants. I also waterproofed my boots.

I need to go work on my homework now. I can't believe I signed up for two classes. I'm not sure what I was thinking. I always say that I will do the bare minimum but never do. I'm just not that kind of student and have always loved school. I am not even degree seeking this time.


Myrthe said...

The cards are beautiful, as usual! Is it just me or are you using different, brighter colors than you were earlier?

Have fun over the weekend on your trip!

MAHIMA said...

i love the cards margaret. the colours and the richness and the thought.
particularly the first one...right on top.

Spokie said...

Good luck hiking.

Stay upright.

margaret said...

Thanks, y'all!
Yes, I think that they have become much more colorful than at first. I bought some paint. That might be part of the reason. Plus, I have never considered myself a painter and usually do not venture past three colors but as all of these are experiments, I might as well use more colors, right?

Lacithecat said...

Oh I get a postcard! And I am going to stick to my batheroom mirror to make me smile in the morning. It has all those things i need to remember as time progresses.

Smile ... Thank you!

margaret said...

Let's hope it arrives, l. I am experimenting with velcro. You'll see. Should be out in tomorrow's or Monday's mail.