Monday, November 05, 2007

Creative Mode

I have homework to do. The good student has homework to do. She is not doing it though and is enjoying relishing savouring every minute of her homework noncompliance.
Instead, I have spent my evening on the phone urging some to go listen to one of my most cherished poets, Joy Harjo, when she comes to town; catching up with dear old friends, or listening to a new friend for life (I know this already) with teeth whitening agents in her mouth mumbling me romantic advice. Oh and I even told one of my supervisees that I had not read up on every referendum up for a vote in tomorrow's election. Sin against all sins. I am not all knowing and don't want to be.
And so, instead of studying I will spend what is rest of my evening after telesocializing making POSTCARDS!!!!!
I have decided that I am just in right brain visually creative mode and I just need to go with it.
I'll return to the high functioning left brainer eventually.
This is not unusual for me.
The above postcard has been hanging around waiting for a home. My dear long last friend A. skyped me at midnight the other day. We talked for two hours. I love her. I miss her. She's living on the French/Swiss border listening to cowbells and looking at mountains. Hmm... Maybe I should stop by on my way to the American University of Beirut to study Arabic next summer. There's a plan.
Goodnight blogging buddies!!!

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