Thursday, November 01, 2007


Aren't these fun? They are by Edina Tokodi, and eco-minded street artist. I discovered her via the Wooster Collective, one of my favorite blogs.

And I also really liked my horoscope on Free Will Astrology this week:


"Dear Rob: Thanks for being in my dream last night. We were in a beat-up, barely running old Chevy on a windy, dusty trail. You explained that it would be highly beneficial for a Sagittarian like myself to demolish this junker. With me behind the wheel and you riding shotgun, we slowly and gently smashed it again and again into the side of the cliff, cracking and denting and tearing it up. Then we got out and hammered it with logs. I felt free when I woke up, like I'd achieved some great feat. -Liberated Wrecker." Dear Liberated: I'm pleased I could join in the work that you (and all Sagittarians) are best suited for right now: creative destruction. It was smart of you to dismantle a symbol of what you'll no longer settle for and that wouldn't drive you to where you need to go anyway.

Creative destruction, I like that. Yes, it's important to be able to drive where we need to go- wherever that might be...


Lacithecat said...

My dear. I finally found the perfect place for you postcard. I have it hanging in my kitchen window, which lead out to my (someday tiled) courtyard. That way I can see both sides.

Washing the dishes has never been so much fun (nor smoking .... my resident activity outside).

Thank you!

margaret said...

Yeah!!! I am glad you discovered a solution even though I wish that it did not involve smoking. Oh well, we all have our vices. I myself cherish white wine. Enjoy the postcard!!!

Frida said...

Best suited for creative destruction - I love that! Go out and destroy!