Thursday, November 29, 2007

Trying to catch up

One of my favorite playwrights and writers when I was in high school was Eugene Ionesco. Nerdy me even took an independent study on Ionesco's work.

One of his plays that I could relate to was Rhinoceros. As I remember, one of the last lines of the play is of Berenger saying, "Je ne capitules pas!", "I will not capitulate!" It made sense to me in high school and still does.
I would love to bring one of his plays to where I live one day.

Love, create, dream SIN DOLOR.

When I go to restaurants, I like asking for crayons and the children's placemat to color and do mazes on. I'm not sure it takes me to the point beyond dawning but it sure is fun!

And in case B. reads this, Check out dear ada's blog. Make sure to go back a few posts. I think B. and many others will like what she finds.

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Anonymous said...


I certainly agree with you about the placemats! And thank you for thinking of me on your last visit to Dear Ada's blog. I zeroed in on the work you thought I would like (I'm pretty sure), and was inspired by it and much of the other artwork I saw there. I've bookmarked Dear Ada's site.

And finally, I must confess, in case you were looking, that I think I'm the one who has your copy of Rhinoceros. Oops! I'll try to get it back to you one of these years. . .