Friday, December 21, 2007

Funny Quote, Sickness, and Hope

In French class our textbook taught us how to order wine and what you should say to a shoe salesman. My friend’s Spanish class learned about drug trafficking and immigration. In Arabic we learned about explosions and failed democracies.
-Azzi Iman

Yes I am still sick. I told my folks that I wasn't going to be able to travel to see them next week. What a relief. Now I can just be sick and enjoy my blog wanderings without stressing out about traveling next week with a bad sore throat. The above quote was written during the 2006 Israeli attack on Lebanon. It made me laugh because as I speak French and Spanish and am slowing working on Arabic, I can attest that it is so true.

May you experience the holiday celebrations that are right for you whether it be Eid El-Adha, Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, something else, or nothing at all. And most of all, let us believe in Peace, Love, and Hope.



Carol Gee said...

Margaret, I loved your holiday greeting. It was so expansive and warm. If I may, I will say to you, I do believe in Peace, Love and Hope. Your posts often exhibit just those qualities.
Regards from a longtime reader, Carol

elisa said...

Hello Margaret,
I just came home afther a long solstice night, we light a fire in the snow and kept it burning all night. In the morning we burnt our wishes in it and jumped over it, wishing peace and joy for the world.
So nice to read your comment at this moment, I appreciate it very much that you like my work and call me a kindred spirit. Wish everybody on our great planet felt this way towards eachother. I'm going to read your blog later, need some time to sleep and dream now.
May you find lots of love and peace on your path always.
Blessings, Elisa.