Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I have been thinking about hope recently. It started with a song by one of my favorite bands, Ozomatli, that I have been replaying obsessively. The song is called "Love and Hope." Here are some of the lyrics that I found on yahoo!music:

Just raise your head up and stand up
No fear in your eyes
Because Love and Hope never die!

So just raise your head up and stand
No reason to cry
'Cause your heart and soul will survive.

I am not yet quite sure why I am so drawn to this song but can say that it is in part because I feel that so many of us have little hope. That is why we do things like give money to Toys for Tots so children can at least have presents over the holidays. We know in our hearts that this happiness is materialistic and temporary. What really needs to happen is that children need parents and gaurdians who are emotionally available, are working for a living wage and can therefore afford to provide their children housing, health care, and nutritious food. This is why I give paltry donations to projects in countries that are being ravaged by trade policies and "the wars on terror." Trying to fix the real problem seems overwhelming.
An article in Counterpunch, "It's not about sex", about teen pregnancy touches on this same theme of the lack of hope. The author argues that despite the turnaround and the appearance of more and more comprehensive sexuality education programs in the United States, teen pregnancy rates will not decrease significantly until we look at the desperation that often causes young people to have unsafe sex in the first place. Teens, like many adults, lack hope that they have a future.
In a society where opportunities are scarce and life is getting harder, getting pregnant puts a positive spin on a vote of no-confidence.
What we need is hope at all levels. Parents need hope that they can provide for their children, teens need hope that they have a future, and individuals need the hope that allows them to make positive and sustainable changes in this world and earth.
I know that this is why I haven't been writing about politics for awhile on this blog. In fact, I have barely been writing. I've just been making and posting postcards. For some reason, making them gives me hope and energy that I can share with others.

So, stand up
Look fear in the eyes
and say

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