Friday, December 28, 2007

I know that I scare people with my passion...

My father always wonders about it,
and is proud when it manisfests itself in a form he can understand.

My lovers love me for it,
but keeping up with the me behind "the idea,"
can be hard for most.

It is my passion that made the job that I have now a possibility straight out of grad school.
It's a job that those of you feminist bloggers would appreciate.
So why am I having such a hard time being motivated these days????
Why do I feel that the difference that I am making is so limited?

Somedays I want to do simple things like listen to older single women in group housing and on medication talk about their hamsters and other days I want to push. Push for decent healthcare, push for an end to war, push for equal rights for all.

Part of this time off and underworking the past few weeks has involved me thinking. How can I make the most impact? I have a job where I can make at least some difference in my community and in my free time, the world. How is it that I want to concentrate my efforts for at least this upcoming year???

I am feeling overwhelmed.


Anonymous said...

I understand your dilemma so well because I often feel like you!! It becomes more and more depressing as one grows older to see that all the wishes and desires one had to change things in this world did not make too much of a difference and that the world we live in continues to go down on many levels inspite of all of our efforts!
Where is the solution?
Probably in people like you and I pushing up our ideas and holding hands inspite of it all!

Carol Gee said...

Just by saying it out loud, you are getting to solutions. I have often been right where you are. I send you best wishes this New Year's Eve day, and I know that you will prevail.
Warm regards, Margaret.

margaret said...

You have made a huge difference in this world. You fueled your own and so many other people's passions. As I have told you in the past, I run into people all over the world who have been influenced by you. And well, you have served as a huge example and mentor to me. Reminding me by example that it is OK to step outside of the box and create your own rules. You are an inspiration,

margaret said...

Thanks, Carol Gee. I appreciate older women like you who have similar passions and can remind me that I will get through this.