Sunday, December 09, 2007

My 40th

Tuesday is my 40th birthday. One of my dear kindred spirit friends hosted a party for me last night. Many other kindred spirit friends came despite the holiday busyness. Plus some of my kindred spirits' kindred spirits were there to celebrate with me. It was wonderful. Besides English, Hungarian, Kakchikel, Spanish, and French could be heard in my friend's home in this predominately anglo, used to be indigenous Native American, town that we live in.
I spent some time worrying that my friends weren't having fun. I got this trait from my father; but when I stepped back and experienced, I realized how blessed I was. Everyone in the room was so special to me and to the world. All of my friends care and aren't sitting back and watching. MY FRIENDS (can you sense the pride?)

write letters to the editor every month about Palestine,

work in the world of Fair Trade,

fight for women's reproductive and human rights,

live on the REZ,

spread QUEER SOUNDS through the airwaves,

build community gardens,

travel, dance, cry, weave,

wear traje despite,


mAkE aRt.

No matter what they do, they all are contributing in their own way to the downfall of this






system that we live in and I love every one of them for it.
It has taken me a very long time to find community where I live, but I finally think I have. Saturday was proof. I have a community, both at work and after. Plus, I have found someone who is just plain wonderful and so completely compatible. She, of course, was there too.
If I can find this sense of peace and stability, then this world can too. It will take some work, but I am willing to do my part.

Are you?


Myrthe said...

Dear, dear Margaret,
I wish you a happy belated birthday! I am so glad that you were able to celebrate it with the people who care about you and who you care about around you. From the way you describe them, they seem to be a special group.
Big hugs,

Lingual X said...

Dear Margaret,

Happy, happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day. What a great day for dreaminess and indulging in creativity.

Happy birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and Thanks for all the nice cards you sent me!

Wendy said...

Many happy returns of the day, M!

margaret said...

Thanks, Myrthe, Lingual X, E, and Wendy for your birthday wishes!

Frida said...

Happy birthday Margaret!

Guess what! On my last day in Herat I got both your postcards. They never made it to Ghor but found me in herat, the mysteries of Afghan and UN post are beyond me but I am grateful, very grateful for the immaculate timing.

Thank you so mych. They are tucked into my diary and will travel home with me now.

I also am so grateful for friends who care enough to make a difference. They help me maintain my hope.

Best wishes for a hopeful year.

margaret said...

Oh, I am so glad they both arrived. I particularly am glad that the regular post one arrived. Right before your departure, how timely. I've been to ask if they had arrived.
The hope part of your message is interesting. I have been thinking about how that is what I most want to inspire in people and have been dreaming up projects to do just that. I need to leave you a message on your blog and wish you well this coming year. You are a wonderful person.