Friday, August 31, 2007

Many, many, evolving...

I have gone back and photographed a few that were probably made in April. At least the "New Territory" one, which refers to going out on a limb for L.

The above is a photocopy of a photo by Ed Kashi. A female sunbather smoking in front of the still to this day ruined St. Georges Hotel. This was my reality growing up. This could have been my mother even though to her credit she would have made sure that I was aware of the hipocrisy of it all.

I think these to the left will go to S.
I'm not sure about this one yet. V. would be a logical choice.

Those to the right are headed to my boss who said that she wanted one. Audre Lorde would be a good choice for her as she is my inspiration.

These are inspired by the Landmark Forum . A. invited me to Graduate Night and eventhough both of us have had our issues with the idea of enrollment we have gained from the experience.

Cardamon smells and tastes yum.

For the record, I will use my hands.

And a thank you for those that don't get much credit and yet have been delivering my postcards nearly intact.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Can I just say that this whole thing with Senator Craig makes me sad? I can't even joke about it because all I see is Mayor Jim West's face. One day I saw a photo of him with salt and pepper hair, the next his hair was pure white, and soon after he was dead. It is just too sad for me to be angry. How two men could not only deny their sexual orientation throughout their entire lives but to publicly condemn homosexuality and be overtly anti-gay in their political decisions. What wasted lives. I feel for them both.

Another Late Night

I stayed up late again last night making postcards. These are the ones that are ready to mail out. The others are in various stages of completeness. I've uploaded both sides of the cards. The two on the right are both sides then the the ones on the left, etc...

My inner critic is still quite strong but I am ignoring it. The point is to make them and enjoy myself making them. To learn about different techniques and effects as I make them. To not be attached to the outcome. And most importantly, to have fun.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More on Lifemakers Center

When I wrote to Fida at the e-mail address I provided below, this is the response that I received:

I'm really glad to hear from any wants to help and being friend to life makers hear, after all the closing which the USA trying to do , specially the bank accounts the only way to send money safely is the western union , it is always good to send the money by .
We don’t want to end and close the center after 3 years of the hard work and the suffering we faced we want to continue the work for the children .
Do your best to help . thank you so much.

Fida Qishta

Life makers center
C. 00970599681669

Tomorrow I will figure out how to use Western Union and send a donation. The comment about freezing bank accounts really got to me. Children are suffering because of US and Israeli policies. Give them a little respite, please.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Save the Lifemakers Centre in Rafah!

Lifemakers Centre may have to close its doors if it doesn't get some financial help. I heard about it through Frida and trust that she knows when a project is worth supporting. The children of Gaza should not have to be the ones to suffer from all of the violent craziness that surrounds them. But they are. Please help give them a safe place from all of this horror. I have e-mailed to find out the most expeditious way to send a donation. If I find anything else out, I will let you know. Look over Laila's post and consider e-mailing Fida who runs the centre at

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Walk Outside

toDAY i DEcided to get OUTSIDE and enJOY this weather before it disappears...

This is outside my yoga studio. I just love how she is sitting. So nonchalant and powerful in a position that women often do not feel safe being in.
She can take "them" all on!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Amputating the Imagination

E. sent me the following quote from the Nawal El Saadawi. It is amazing how much more alive and happy I feel just because I am making these "not attached to the outcome" postcards. Last night, I was so busy making them that when I pulled back the curtain and looked out the window the sun was coming up!

To amputate the imagination is no less dangerous than amputating the limbs of the human body, or circumcision of the clitori in young girls.
But people rarely talk about “amputation” of the imagination in creative works, perhaps because the imagination does not bleed or suffer from physical pain. Yet a human body with an amputated imagination is no less incapacitated than a body with no limbs.
Freedom for creative expression, the health and wholeness of the imagination are essential if we're to struggle effectively against religious violence, or political tyranny exercised by the state or within the family. A free wholesome imagination is our protection against double standards and dichotomies in society inherited from the slave society, against prejudices arising from religion class, gender, race or colour.

Nawal El Saadawi

I totally agree with her.


I want to make this clear,

We may not all be creative in the same way, but

If I have to think of an overriding philosophy that guides my life, this would be it.

Some of us are creative with computers, others with finance, others with law, program implementation, etc..

And in terms of making collage/postcards like these, the point is that it doesn't matter. Some of these, perhaps most of these, would get a horrible critique if I was back in art class. Do I care? Occasionally, yes; but in general and in principal, NO. I am not making a living off of art making so what do I care? And, yes, it makes me happy. My endorphins exist in my hands, after all.

All of this creative buzz has revitalized my life and my commitment to where I live and work. There have been many late nights and subsequently late mornings but the work quality is back and I am happy. A little voice does whisper that I would love a partner but hopefully that time will come and I am taking the few proactive steps that exist to make this happen. However, the truth is that love cannot be rushed and I must be patient if I want the real thing next time.

In the mean time, I will make things, be creative, live my life to its fullest even if that includes late nights.
I encourage you to embrace your creativity, to take risks, and to not listen to that voice that tells you that you cannot do something.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Surge of Making

Yes, it's late. And yes, I am working in the morning. I had a surge of making and I decided to go with it. Even the kitchen is a mess. When art bleeds into the kitchen, I know things are going well.
Perhaps some of these creations will change tomorrow. There have already been forced metamorphoses tonight.
I walked to work and collected bark on my way there and back. Added glass elements that I had planned to use for magnets with my most wished yet most improbable desire written underneath amongst the bark and a secret ingredient from Saida that may melt but will smell good in the mean time. Oh how I love run ons.
The picture of me may need to be altered. It seems egotistical, self-centered. The writings are from Audre Lorde. Does that surprise anyone? One is the Diaspora poem previously cited, the other from Zami.
To whom do I owe the power behind my voice, what strength I have become, yeasting up like sudden blood from under the bruised skin's blister?
So many images coming to mind as I type this. E. on her bicycle dressed in flowing purple velvet. I, sweaty and dirty, going home for dinner or a nap from the metals studio. Speaking a French that makes my jaws ache.
L., dear yet inapproachable L., keeping me in sight in Saida. Standing in the store as the freaky American looked at shards of leftover soap, finally given permission to retreat.

And finally, a peace flag decorated with findings and symbols of hope wishing for a future that makes more sense than today.