Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Leftist Politics Do Not Always Include Women

Nancy Spero

"First, I tried vaginal inserts," says one Bolivian woman, referring to a widely available ulcer drug that has become a popular do-it-yourself abortion option because of the medicine's side effects. "When that didn't work I found someone to do it for $30. I passed out during it and when I woke up, I was bloody and he was gone."

This is a statement from today which reminds me of pre 1973 or the world that the conservatives are trying to presently create here in the U.S.. This is not how abortions should be performed. I have been in the room when they are performed safely and it is nothing like this.

As the anniversary of Roe approaches, abortion is definitely on my mind. But what really struck me about this statement is where it was said: Bolivia. Bolivia has an indigenous president that is supposedly a leftist whose politics are similar to Chavez's. And yes, I have been very happy about the leftward shift in Venezuela and Bolivia. I've even gone out of my way to buy Venezuelan gas, until now.

According to an article I just read on women's e-news, leftist politics do not include women, especially those that have an unintended pregnancy. BOLIVIA WAS ACTUALLY CONSIDERING BANNING ABORTION!!! And, according to the article, decriminalizing abortion has gone nowhere since Chavez became president in Venezuela. This is just another example of women's rights being shafted. Male leftist politics do not automatically equal female leftist politics.

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