Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Candidate

I am going to vote for what I believe in, not who I think can win. If all of us voted this way, we wouldn't have to compromise beliefs that should not be sacrificed.
DENNIS KUCINICH is my candidate.

He agrees with me on all of the key issues, getting out of Iraq, not using military action in Iran, women's right to choose, universal healthcare,... Take this quiz to see where you stand.

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Jade(d) said...

Sorry honey, way too jaded after Bush "won" and Gore lost his vote to idealist Nadar supporters. I really believe we would have saved many lives here and in Iraq if W. didn't make it into office.

I am taking the unpopular stand amongst just about everybody I know. Go Hilary.

barb michelen said...
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margaret said...

I'd be curious to know what has made you think that it is because of "idealist" Nader supporters that Gore did not win. As far as I understand, Gore lost because of faulty polling procedures, a right leaning court system, and a populace that was too afraid to stand up for the candidate that they believed in.
As someone who would love to see more women in political roles, I hate to say this, but Hilary is my last choice. I do not trust her. When and if Kucinich is voted out, I will vote for Obama.

jade said...

I don't really trust Hilary either. Yet, I trust a corrupt political system/government even less. Obama runs the risk of getting swallowed by this Carter did. I would rather have someone who knows how to navigate these political waters and get something done. Even if it's small.

margaret said...

Carter has integrity and is still doing good in the world. I remember reading a few months ago, he went to the Sudan with other "peacemakers." When the townspeople were too afraid to go to the meeting place, he walked out into the street looking for them. Security tried to stop him and he kept walking saying that he had come to meet with people and that is what he was going to do. I want a candidate who will do that. Someone who will do what they believe in, not to be afraid to act because they may lose some clout (or their lives.) This world is too messed up to be meek. Hilary cannot even say she made a mistake voting for the Iraq war. I can't take such lack of integrity.

Lingual X said...

I love Carter. My high school American history teacher said that Carter was the smartest president the U.S. never appreciated. As a kid, I didn't know what she was talking about. Today, I have the utmost respect for Carter and his continued good work in the world.

Margaret--I totally respect where you are coming from on this one. I have really struggled with this issue myself. I think it's awesome that you are voting for Kucinich. I've made a decision to vote for Edwards, but I really, really, really get where you're coming from.

JADE said...

I also get where you are coming from Margaret. And I love Carter, too.

But I remember way back when Bush was running most of my friends kept saying "there's no difference between Rep. and Dem's...we have no choice...might as well vote for a candidate (like Nadar) who won't win, but at least we are voting with integrity." Well, 7+ years later we got ourselves into a situation that we would have not been in if we had Gore. I believe there is enough difference between these parties to prevent the kinds of atrocities W. has waged since being in office.

Hilary voted for this war and I fault her for this. However I do not believe she would have waged this war as president.

Why waste votes on a candidate who isn't going to win and risk ending up with a Baptist minister who can continue to lead us down this ugly path W. forged?

We have lost so many rights and lives over the years that could have been prevented if we could have solidly back a candidate who had the potential for winning in this conservative country of ours.

In addition....
Because of the (corrupt) larger system and government that any good-willed prez has to work in, I can put my faith in only small steps for progressive change led by an individual who knows how to navigate the system skillfully enough to make it happen.


Lava said...

I can appreciate where you're coming from as long as when Kucinich does throw his support to another democratic candidate that he himself thinks can win(and he already has), his supporters back him for that as well. With all the idealism, I believe Kucinich has a bit of a realist in him as well.

The online test is really simplified and takes all of its data from one table on the internet. Unfortunately I think some of the things there are mistated. Take for instance the "No Child Left Behind Act" where it says that most people are for it...but it doesn't mention that its drastically as a result I'm against it. But...that would either put me with Gravel...(never heard of them)...or with the republicans. Barring that it has me tied for Clinton/Obama with Kucinich one point behind.

I'll be voting for the democratic nominee in the end.

I find it interesting that approximately 55% of the Iowa caucass winners become the party nominees. Carter focused on Iowa. Carter won. Obama won Iowa. But now Clinton won NH. Oddly enough, New Hampshire has more independant voters than Iowa.

When I first heard the senator from Illinois speak four years ago I have to say I was impressed. I thought, "If he was running he would have a good chance of winning." Now he'll be tested. I want to see how he holds up against an experienced presidential politician. If he can pull of the nomination I believe he can do well in the white house. However, if Clinton ends up beating him I think people should have more faith in her.

Edwards was the one that capitalized on the phrasing of Clinton's supposed inability to admit mistakes. She refused to come out and say that she "Made a mistake." in those words. But this is a male playing the alpha role and trying to subdue a woman who has already come out and said if she knew what she knows now, she would not have voted for the war. But...that wasn't enough and he's been riding that little word manipulation for years.

I think either Obama or Clinton would do well. But, I'm glad that there's a lot of fight left in all of the candidates and I hope that in the end it works to all of our benefit.

As a final thought, I seriously doubt that if Kucinich made it into office he could be thrown under the bus. He doesn't back down for anyone and I fail to understand why he wasn't treated with more respect at the debates and at the caucasses. Everyone including the hosts kind of looked at him like a cute teddy bear. He may very well be the most ideal president but in the end again I will vote for the democratic nominee.

The state of the world is just too important in my mind to gamble with right now.

margaret said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to write back, lingual x and lava. I will back Kucinich until he is no longer in the running mostly because of the positions he is supporting. I want to have them make it on the final candidate's agenda. About "No Child Left Behind" and the survey, you are right the survey is simplified. I had a hard time with that question. I want the best for youth in schools. As an educator and administrator, I understand the importance of standards and evaluation. I just don't know if the way "No Child Left Behind" was crafted it can really do any good. This and the funding issues. So that was a sticky one for me too.
About Edwards. I haven't even really considered him. I was thinking about why and while it may not be the best reason, the truth is that the three are similar enough that I am going to vote for the black man once Kucinich is out of the race. I have to. Race is just too big of a deal to me. I will vote for Hillary though if she makes the nomination.