Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Pile

Inspired by Myrthe and her reading, I am posting my newest pile of unread books. The one on top is for my creative writing class which I really need to finish. Maybe posting this picture will help me and will not be yet another procrastination method.

I'd better get busy!


Myrthe said...

Lots of interesting books you have waiting for you, Margaret! There are quite a few I have never heard of, so I am off now finding out more.

I always love finding out what other people are reading.

Your couch looks so comfy with the pillows and the cover. For me a good couch is a couch that makes for a good and comfortable reading space. ;-)

traveller one said...

That looks like a perfect place to work your way through the pile!

pomegranate queen said...

what a lovely image! nothing like curling up on the couch and reading!!! i love how you've taken a photo of the books too! i've got a pile of books to read as well and i'm looking forward to it curling up on the couch and doing the same thing as you.

Anonymous said...

Hi M,

Oops! I’m guilty of recently adding 3 books to that stack—I didn’t realize it was so tall already. Get to them when you can. I’m a compulsive used book shopper, so my unread books have piled up until they’re taller than I am.

I loved seeing the picture of you reading (I downloaded it). It’s my favorite M—literate, smart, pensive, and dreaming.