Sunday, February 24, 2008


I went to see the film Persepolis last night and if you haven't seen it, I recommend that you do. It is smart, artistic, and political all at once. The animation is wonderful. I loved the spare color beyond blacks, greys, and white. It is an autobiographical memoir of Marjane Satrapi who is just around my age, and so some of the musical references were right out of my childhood. The "Eye of the Tiger" scene is the best. Also, having grown up in war myself, I could empathize with her. I couldn't help but think of what my friends in Lebanon have had to endure. Some had and have the option of leaving, should they? Is it better to be where you were born and live in a situation of political unrest and war or travel to the West and be away from your family and your sense of community?


Myrthe said...

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pomegranate queen said...

some of us had the privilege which allowed us the option of being able to leave. the last question you asked is one i've been asking myself...still don't have an answer. thanks for posting this. i will comment more once i see the film :)

~summer~ said...

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